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DNA testing


It's a dynamic nutrition and wellness program from Nutrilite® that combines the latest in science with innovative technology and specialized nutrition, for your convenience. The program delivers fast, comprehensive nutrition recommendations and lifestyle tips, personalized just for you. This exclusive combination of tools, including genetic tests, a health questionnaire, nutrigenomic supplements, and customized packets of supplements, ensures that your path to optimal health is tailor-made for you - and only you.

These exclusive tools work together to give you a broader picture of your nutrition and health:

The Gensona™ Genetic Tests will analyze a sample of your DNA and send you a detailed report about what that sample reveals, possibly including a predisposition to certain health-related   conditions.

Nutrigenomic supplements are specialized supplements that may be recommended for you, depending on your test results.

The Health Questionnaire is online, it's free, and it delivers personalized nutrition recommendations and lifestyle tips that you can print and use to make decisions about your health and your   future.

You can use your personalized recommendations to build a unique combination of Nutrilite supplements that will come in customized packets marked for a.m. and p.m. doses and imprinted with your name. While it's not recommended, you can also build customized packets without completing the Health Questionnaire.

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