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Jennifer J. Success

I had been experiencing a very persistent pain in middle of my gluts and along the top of my back for a few years.  I really enjoy spin classes and I thought that it had to do with it.  I had regular visits to a chiropractor who would adjust me and provide massages as part of the therapy but the pain would return pretty quickly.
The pain became more intense and excruciating keeping me awake at night, unable to stand or sit for long periods nor could I walk far with little pain.  I had heard about Dr. Capoferri's Precision Pain technique and decided to give him a visit.  And WOW! - after the initial set of xrays and treatment I could not believe how my pain disappeared.  I absolutely could not believe it!  After six weeks I made another visit to Dr. Don and had another treatment and then began a regular regimen  of 1500 units of Nutrillite Gloucosamine 7  (Dr. Don sells this product) and what fabulous results.  Today I have very minimal discomfort, if any.  I walk my dog 1 mile or more at least 5 days a week and I am back to my spinning classes.  The impact of Dr. Don's treatment has been amazing.
- Jennifer J.
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