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Are You in the Johns Creek Area Suffering With Continual Aches, Pains, & Mobility Issues?

If you're suffering from persistent aches and pains, we want to help you achieve wellness with a personal evaluation and correction using our gentle computer-aided chiropractic tools.

Many people have questions and concerns about traditional chiropractic care. The good news with Precision Pain Relief Center is you can say goodbye to popping and cracking. By embracing the power of technology and the care of an experienced doctor, Precision Pain Relief Center provides the care you need without the attached fears or concerns.

Located just 7.4 miles from downtown Johns Creek, Precision Pain Relief Center is a one-of-a-kind Chiropractic care center. Instead of using traditional sudden & severe movements to align your back and neck, we use a space engineering technology for a precise and gentle computer-aided adjustment.

Gentle Computer-Aided Chiropractic Care Near Johns Creek

What Our Patients Say

The results are in and our patients are happy and healthy. Read a few testimonials below, or click here to read more patient success stories...

  • "Amazing! Their main priority is to get you back to feeling pain-free! Awesome customer service and the doctors are very thorough when explaining your diagnosis and care plan. I would refer them to anyone!!" - Samantha, Duluth

  • Very friendly and knowledgeable staff! I love that Dr. Capoferri never stops learning about the latest technology used in his field and continually educates himself in every aspect of his field. I feel confident in his ability to treat my condition appropriately and effectively. - Marcia, Alpharetta

  • "Dr. Capoferri always takes the time to listen to my concerns and address them. His office manager, Michelle, is extremely knowledgeable about insurance benefits and does her best to inform me about them and how to get the most of out of them. I trust my own health to this practice, and my family's health as well!" - Monica, Braselton

Our Pain Relief Process

As you consider Precision Pain Relief Center, you may wonder what to expect from your experience. We also understand the tension you are facing as you select a provider to help you with your situation. To help reassure you, we have our process outlined below so you know what to expect on our journey together. Click and learn more about our process...

Do You Want To Experience Pain Relief?

About Precision Pain Relief Center

We are an established chiropractic practice near Johns Creek since August 4th, 1982, utilizing state of the art technology in precise diagnosis, prognosis, and treatments of spinal and spinal related disorders. We offer a variety of services including gentle chiropractic care, physical therapy, & spinal decompression. We are experts at correcting nerve pressure, which prevents the body from healing itself. Click here to learn more about us.

Meet Dr. Don Capoferri