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Decompression Exceeding Expectations

carol-b-testimonyAround October 2012, after a series of three falls, I was desperate for relief from the resulting constant pain. I had been suffering for several weeks with severe pain shooting down my left leg and sharp pain in my back and neck. I could not straighten my left leg, movement was difficult.

I had previous success with Chiropractic care but needed a more aggressive approach to these new injuries. I was somewhat worried that it wouldn't work. After the procedure was explained I felt confident it would help in my situation.

I felt wonderful! During the procedure itself, I felt relief from pain, more and more over time as my body adjusted. That relief translated outside of the decompression therapy. I noticed gradual improvement after each session. The result far exceeded my expectations. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Decompression without hesitation! The Decompression therapy works and the end result has been stunning and lasting!

- Carol B.

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