Spinal Decompression Sucess Stories & Testimonies

Spinal Decompression... It Works!

Spinal Decompression... It Works!

When and why did you start coming to Precision Pain Relief Center?

My Initial visit was in April 2014. I was experiencing extreme pain in my upper right shoulder and neck. I was unable to sleep comfortable or move my arm upward or sideway without severe pain.

How long have you been suffering with pain and what was your pain level?

My pain began several weeks prior to my initial office visit, at which time my pain level was 10+.

What treatments have you tried before?

OTC medication: Tylenol (500mg) for pain and Ibuprofen 400mg for inflammation; cold/hear compressions all of which, did very little to assuage my pain.

If you had any doubt before starting decompression, what was it?

I had no idea what non surgical decompression was; actually all I knew is it offered relief, and I was willing to try the procedure.

How did you feel after the decompression?

After my first two sessions, I was able to sleep through the night as the pain in both my shoulder and neck lesseneed considerably. Sleep deprivation can be extremely harmful so this was a blessed relief. Additional, I've suffered from trigger finger for years and recieved the noraml relief therapy which was either surgery, or cortisone shots. Sinc esurgery was previously 3 sessions later I was able to open and close my right hand without the excrucuating pain of unlocking my finger. It still locks occasionally but he frequency has diminished.

After completion of my twenty sessions of non-surgical decompression my compressed disc from arrest degeneration was normal and pain free, how wonderful!

Would you refer anyone to do decompression?

Absolutely....It Works!

Judith G.

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