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Harvard Medical School Endorses Chiropractic and Report it Safe

Much of medical academia has been supporting chiropractic and now many of the most prestigious medical institutions are publishing their support for our care. In large, this is a result of the overwhelming positive pro-chiropractic scientific literature that has been published over the last few years with more coming. The referenced article review is from Harvard Medical School explaining both what their view of chiropractic is, who we treat and the rarity of adverse side effects. In short, Harvard Medical School now says what the chiropractic profession has been saying for years.

To access the article: CLICK HERE

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New Year = New Insurance

When you visit our office in the new year, please be sure to update our staff with any changes to you, or your family's health insurance plan.

If new cards were sent to you by your Insurance company, please bring them with you to your next appointment or, call our office 770.448.4742 so that we can update our records and get a head start on 2015.

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First Chiropractor To Complete A Mini-Fellowship in Neuroradiology

don-capoferri-portraitThe Academy of Chiropractic is proud to announce that Dr. Donald Capoferri has been the first chiropractor nationally to have completed a Mini-Fellowship in Neuroradiology, focusing on  MRI spine interpretation. Dr. Capoferri, a 1981 Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic graduate, did so by completing a 40 hour program requiring a minimum pre-requisite 25 hours of MRI study.

Read more …First Chiropractor To Complete A Mini-Fellowship in Neuroradiology

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Don't be afraid to ask

A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine on May 10, 2010 reveals that medications called "protein pump inhibitors" we call them Prilosec, Nexium as well as others cause an increased risk of spine, wrist and forearm fractures.  They also increase the risk of infections by 74%.  Ask us about alternatives to help your heartburn pain.

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Don't leave yourself untreated!

I just read that joint replacements in people under 55 have increased 37% in the past ten years.  I believe this is due to untreated inflammation within the joints, usually the knees or hips that does permanent damage. Don't allow injuries to become chronic even if the initial pain subsides.

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Do yourself a favor

Do yourself a favor, get medical payment coverage on your auto policy.  When you are hurt in an accident the last thing you need to deal with is financial issues, hospital and doctor bills.  Medpay covers you and others regardless of fault.  An accident could leave you dealing with bill collectors waiting for your case to settle.

$25,000 in coverage is around $120.00 a year.  You will be glad you did. This coverage must be requested it is not automatic.

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