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Support Healthy Brains, Eyes, Nervous Systems, and Moods.

With Nordic Naturals ProDHA™ 1000

Nordic Naturals ProDHA™ 1000 is an omega-rich formula that offers increased DHA potency in fewer soft gels. With the same great formula as ProDHA™, ProDHA 1000 provides maximum benefits in 1000 mg soft gels. With 100% natural strawberry essence for a great fruity taste, ProDHA 1000 offers 960 mg of DHA per serving, maximizing your dosage, and thus benefits.

Although the omega-3s EPA and DHA occur naturally together in fish oil and work together in the body, research shows that each fatty acid has unique benefits. DHA is the fatty acid that supports a healthy brain, eyes, nervous system, and mood.

In fact, at least 20% of the brain is comprised of this vital fatty acid. Research shows that DHA supports memory, cognition, and emotional well-being, in addition to promoting healthy eyes.

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Researchers find link between improved memory and the use of neurofeedback

Researchers find link between improved memory and the use of neurofeedback

The results announced in the International Journal of Psychophysiology this month show a link between neurofeedback training and improved memory in a 40 person trial.

Dr David Vernon, from Imperial College London at the Charing Cross hospital says: "Previous research has indicated that neurofeedback can be used to help treat a number of conditions including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, epilepsy and alcoholism by training particular aspects of brain activity, but this is the first time we have shown a link between the use of neurofeedback, and improvements in memory."

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Chiropractic Care Is Safer Than Primary Care

doctore chiropractic

In a recent research paper published in Spine Journal the risk of injury was found to be76% lower in a Chiropractic office than a Primary Care Medical Office. The study involved over 2,000,000 adjustments in patients 66-99 years of age. The article stated; 

"No mechanism by which a chiropractic adjustment induces injury to normal healthy tissue has been identified."

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Do You Have A New Insurance Plan Or Company?

new years insurance

Wishing you good times, good cheer, and a memorable new year.

New Year ...New Insurance?

As our Doctors continue to advance their training and certifications, we are excited to serve your Healthcare needs this year with their expertise in proper diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. Please be sure to update us with any new policy information prior to scheduling your appointments in 2016. Many Policies have changed and we will be happy to look up your benefits.

All of us at Precision Pain Relief Center want to thank you for your business, loyalty, and support in 2015. We hope to see you again in 2016!

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