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Primary Spine Care Doctor


Between 1999 and 2008 the mean inflationary adjusted costs for ambulatory neck and/or back pain in the United States increased by a factor of 95%.1 According to the study by Davis et al the largest proportion of increased costs are associated with specialty visits rather than primary consultations, clearly indicating that spine care places a tremendous burden upon the health care system. In addition primary care physicians are overburdened with managing the needs of diabetic and high blood pressure patients. This has caused a gap in the healthcare system for those patient with back and neck pain disorders.

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Do You Know How Texting Can Affect Your Body?

Texting has made communication swifter and more accessible than ever before, but that is not without pitfalls. Texting is distracting, and texting while driving has been documented as even more dangerous than drinking behind the wheel. Texting can exacerbate joint pain and, in more serious conditions, lead to neurological damage. With eyes glued down to a screen, texting can lead to everyday aches and pains.

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Harvard Medical School Endorses Chiropractic and Report it Safe

Much of medical academia has been supporting chiropractic and now many of the most prestigious medical institutions are publishing their support for our care. In large, this is a result of the overwhelming positive pro-chiropractic scientific literature that has been published over the last few years with more coming. The referenced article review is from Harvard Medical School explaining both what their view of chiropractic is, who we treat and the rarity of adverse side effects. In short, Harvard Medical School now says what the chiropractic profession has been saying for years.

To access the article: CLICK HERE

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Is Texting Hurting Your Neck?

On average, how many minutes a day do you think you spend on your smartphone texting, checking your email, playing games, or searching one of your many downloaded apps? Ten? Twenty? Sixty? More?

A recent study from the Journal of Behavioral Addictions that has found that young woman typically spend 10 hours daily engaged with their cell phones. No, that isn't a typo. They spend roughly ten hours.

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New Year = New Insurance

When you visit our office in the new year, please be sure to update our staff with any changes to you, or your family's health insurance plan.

If new cards were sent to you by your Insurance company, please bring them with you to your next appointment or, call our office 770.448.4742 so that we can update our records and get a head start on 2015.

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First Chiropractor To Complete A Mini-Fellowship in Neuroradiology

don-capoferri-portraitThe Academy of Chiropractic is proud to announce that Dr. Donald Capoferri has been the first chiropractor nationally to have completed a Mini-Fellowship in Neuroradiology, focusing on  MRI spine interpretation. Dr. Capoferri, a 1981 Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic graduate, did so by completing a 40 hour program requiring a minimum pre-requisite 25 hours of MRI study.

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