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Jennifer J. Success

I had been experiencing a very persistent pain in middle of my gluts and along the top of my back for a few years.  I really enjoy spin classes and I thought that it had to do with it.  I had regular visits to a chiropractor who would adjust me and provide massages as part of the therapy but the pain would return pretty quickly.

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E-mail From The Georgia Chiropractic Association

I just got an e-mail from the Georgia Chiropractic Association.  They explained the ASHN (American Speciality Health Network) will now be administering claims for many of Cigna Insurance Companies policies.  They already do most of Blue Cross.  ASHN exists to limit the nonmedical benefits of the policyholders of those and other companies.  They create additional cost to the provider and reduce reimbursements.  While we will still care for ASH network patients we do recommend the if benefits for healthcare outside of drugs and surgery are important to you than study your policy.  If you have a choice then contact us for the plan options that best reflect your goals and values.  Setting up and account for healthcare that you control is also a good idea.  

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Get the most from your workouts

A recent study of laser therapy and athletic performance revealed that when laser light treatments were applied to specific muscle groups soon after a workout muscle strength improved by 55% compared to working out alone over a 12 week period. Get the most from your workouts and perform better in competition with laser treatments.


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Laser Treatment

I am so impressed with the fantastic results we have been achieving with the Dynatron Solaris Laser treatments in our office.  One of the latest cases is of a very badly damaged low back disc that is repaired using the laser.  Check out the MRI photos:

Chiropractor Atlanta Laser Treatment    Chiropractor Atlanta Laser Treatment

Herniated disc.


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Don't be afraid to ask

A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine on May 10, 2010 reveals that medications called "protein pump inhibitors" we call them Prilosec, Nexium as well as others cause an increased risk of spine, wrist and forearm fractures.  They also increase the risk of infections by 74%.  Ask us about alternatives to help your heartburn pain.

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Don't leave yourself untreated!

I just read that joint replacements in people under 55 have increased 37% in the past ten years.  I believe this is due to untreated inflammation within the joints, usually the knees or hips that does permanent damage. Don't allow injuries to become chronic even if the initial pain subsides.

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Do yourself a favor

Do yourself a favor, get medical payment coverage on your auto policy.  When you are hurt in an accident the last thing you need to deal with is financial issues, hospital and doctor bills.  Medpay covers you and others regardless of fault.  An accident could leave you dealing with bill collectors waiting for your case to settle.

$25,000 in coverage is around $120.00 a year.  You will be glad you did. This coverage must be requested it is not automatic.

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Start 2011 Right

Last weekend I attended one of the most exciting continuing education seminars in my 29 year career.  It centered around breakthrough treatments for conditions such as ADHD, Chronic Pain, Insomnia and Migraine Headaches.  I look forward to launching a new treatment center in 2011.

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